Toddler Program

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February 2017. 

Spaces now open

Stepping Stones is currently enrolling  toddlers!

Stop by soon, as spaces  fill quickly!

Our toddlers will spend much of their day exploring the world around them and will have plenty of opportunities to make choices of their own. With close guidance of their educator, the toddlers will learn communication and socialization skills, all while developing their fine and gross motor abilities. We will focus on self help skills such as self feeding, proper hand washing, and communicating our needs and wants.  Tuesday and Thursday morning will be spent as a structured class time, as we begin to introduce the young toddler to a traditional nursery school program; this is sure to be an exciting time.



Toddler Fees

Full time toddler care $280.00/week (until 6:00)

Daily toddler care $70.00/day (until 6:00)

Hourly toddler care (2 hour minimum) $15.00/hour