At this time, we will not be offering at Pre-K program

Our Pre-K program is designed specifically for those children who will be five by January and who may benefit from an enrichment year before entering Kindergarten.  Rather than repeating a year of Nursery School, this program broadens their knowledge base while strengthening scholastic and positive social skills.  The hallmark of this program is it’s small class size allowing for individual instruction and one-on-one time.  Pre-K follows our thematic curriculum in a two year cycle, allowing returning students to explore new topics.  With emphasis on language arts, science and math, lessons are developmentally appropriate and hands on. 
A typical class sees children diligently recording plant growth on a clip board or intently observing insects on a nature walk.  An enthusiastic discussion at circle time about Outer Space or Native Americans follows stories, games and songs on the topic; learning concepts and language arts simultaneously. Children proudly read books that they have created about the “Five Little Pumpkins”, or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to their peers, identifying sight words in the process. Children delight in tactile experiences; writing names in colored shaving cream, or forming numbers on salt trays, engaging all five senses in learning.  Letter page art projects are created, focusing attention on the letter and it’s sound while making connections to the theme, and further developing fine motor skills.  Dramatic plays and puppet shows such as “The Little Engine that Could” or “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” are performed encouraging expression, speaking skills, vocabulary and creativity. 
The class meets four afternoons a week from Tuesday through Friday from 12:30-3:00.  Evaluations and conferences periodically through the year allow for a home-school connection.  Pre-K is a separate program taught by a certified teacher.  As with all of our programs, it is open exclusively to those attending, while offering the convenience and flexibility of our excellent day care before and after class to those who wish to take advantage of it.